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A72 too cold to charge

(Topic created on: 27-09-2022 06:47 PM)
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I have had my A72 just over a year now and for the last sort of 2 months it has been having issues charging. it will almost always say its too cold to charge and simply wont charge. (I have ended up with water in the charging port a couple times but I always left it a long while before plugging it back in, this was never dropping it in water instead often just a drop of rain or something. I can quite remember if the issue started before or after the first time I got water in it) I have tried the following to no success: Charging while the device is off, charging in safe mode, keeping the device warm while charging (Putting it under my pillow at night, I know its not safe but I had to try everything) clearing cache and even just before writing this I factory reset the device in case it was an app or something causing it but still unsuccessful. I can't find much about other people having the same issue persistently on this device. (I don't have the money to have it repaired, It's still in warranty however Its highly likely this would not be covered by it)

If in warranty it will be covered. As long as there's no damage to device.

This issue is actually common and requires a new charging port or battery.
Both of these hardware have sensors on them monitoring the temperature before charging. And will need replacing

Book in with Samsung for a repair :smiling-face: