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A71 5g either my apps go missing, or they just don't work

(Topic created on: 10-04-2022 06:10 AM)
First Poster

I have never had this much trouble with a Samsung Galaxy A series until the A71 5g. I love the A21 I had before the A71 5g. I am currently debating on whether to buy a different phone; wiping, once again, my micro SD card, pull it, shut down the phone, then really clean it off, then reinsert the SD card, and starting fresh with things. Not a factory reset. Maybe even go so far as to go into the advanced settings, and turning off force move apps to SD slot. Then see what happens. See if that works. If the phone still goes wonky, I am going to either, since I recently bought the phone, buy a new one to use temporarily while it is being serviced, or just buy a new one, and root this thing, see what happens then.

And good lord, why does this thing have Samsung Internet, Voicemail, and now Bixby? If I wanted a browser, I would use Firefox and Chrome of Samsung Internet. I can dial my phone, and get my voice mail that way. I use google assistant when I need to use it. This stuff, and other stuff, take up way too much memory on this phone.  And don't get me started on the Galaxy Store, which is a cheap knock off of Google Play Store. I don't need that bloatware, either. Please, on your next S series, bring back the headphone/set jack, and the microSD slot. With those gone, I might as well have bought an iPhone, which are not what I expect from a Samsung phone.