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A50 audio only works on bluetooth

(Topic created on: 17-08-2020 12:56 PM)
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Galaxy A Series

My A50 started dropping whatsapp calls at random. Then a few days later the audio stopped working on speaker and when I plug in headphones. On bluetooth, the phone would work normally. I tried restarting, clearing cash, and the audio would work then stop a few hours later. Then I found the July 1 update, so I installed it, and the sound completely stopped working on speaker and headphones. Whole phone would freeze if I try to make a phone call on whatsapp, and the other person could not hear anything . Any video I try to watch anywhere online or on the phone storage plays in fast forward with no audio, unless I connect bluetooth headsets. I tried the *#0*# and when I pressed the speaker I got nothing, same when I tested the microphone. I then did a reset, cleared the cache from the boot menu, then try to boot with boot loader, and still nothing. I finally performed a factory reset  and set up the phone as a new phone and it was still the same. Then I restored the phone and still nothing worked. I downloaded one of the "earphone mode off" apps and they did not make a difference. I am not in the country where I purchased the phone so my warranty is invalid. And I have looked online, and alot of people have had this problem with the A50, but no one has had this problem fixed. Samsung care asked me to send it for fixing, but as I saw in other posts, even when fixed the audio always stops working again. It's a shame that this phone only lasted for a year, and I don't know how samsung expects to keep customers if they cannot promise customers a phone that will work for a little longer than the time of warranty. All Samsung could offer was for me to send the phone to their service centre and get it "repaired" without even telling me how much he phone is expected to cost (I also have to pay a 25€ fee just to get it checked at their service centre).

If anyone has had a problem and has been able to get it fixed please share your experience. 

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Galaxy A Series

Got the same problem, I also tried everything but nothing worked. I don't see myself buying a Samsung device ever again!