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A40. Samsung Mail app. Consolidated emails from multiple accounts. Possible?


On my old S3 I could use a consolidated action to download from multiple email accounts. I tried the Gmail app on my A40 but I needed to download each account separately which was a bit of a time waste. I downloaded the Samsung email app but this also seems to want to download each single account. Is the consolidated download of accounts how a thing of the past? Having to do my accounts, my wife's accounts and our club accounts one at a time is rather annoying.


Hi @jbafalcon:smiling-face:


I should be able to do some digging/making a suggestion to our developers on this one for you.


For my understanding on it, are you wanting to add multiple email accounts to the stock Email app at the same time without logging into each one separately? Or are you wanting to view emails from different accounts in one inbox? (Or perhaps something else entirely?)

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