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A20e Video @60fps ?



in the official description of the smartphone is video recording 1920x1080 @ 60fps. But all videos are recorded only with 30fps. Also find no setting to change that.

someone an advice?




it it a fraud? :thinking-face:


I have bought this phone today and i can`t find the setting to activate 60 fps for my video recordings! on the specifications it says that the phone is capable to record 1080p@30/60fps . I searched for hours to try to make it 60 fps. How can i activate it? is this false advertising ? 😞

@flanders @Travalis: If you open the Camera app > Tap the cog in the top left > Rear Video Size > 16:9 > Tap the 'Resolution' drop down arrow, is FHD (60fps) available for selection here?

I have chaged and there are only two options. FHD 1080p and HD 720p that`s all. It should have been one more option with 1080p 60 FPS something like that. i also updated the phone to the latest firmware but still no option to activate 60 fps. Did enyone ever had that option. There are tons of reviews on the web but no one is checking that option. is it possible that there are two types of phones with the same name? maybe for different parts of the world? i`m EU maybe the asian version has that. but that sound stupid why would they do that? if someone has an explenation please tell us.


It must be a typo, because the a50 and below support only 1080p@30fps

Why would they add that if they don`t support it? they can "typo" about all specs who cares right? this is not right. some people like myself bought the phone exactly for that reason. Just think about it what if they say on the spec info that the phone has 4 GB of ram and you find out that it`s only 2gb. how would you feel? it`s just a typo... i smell a bit of fake advertising.

@AndrewL wrote:
@flanders@Travalis: If you open the Camera app > Tap the cog in the top left > Rear Video Size > 16:9 > Tap the 'Resolution' drop down arrow, is FHD (60fps) available for selection here?

this is the best example of senselessness of such forums and their "employees"!!!


The official support told me that it is a typo and will be corrected.
Sorry, but that's embarrassing !!
THIS was my last Samsung mobile!!!!


shame on you

Typo? really? what can they correct ... there are 1000 websites that say the phone records in 60 fps... this is just stupid....


EXAMPLE one of the biggest websites in the world...


Main Camera

Dual13 MP, f/1.9, 28mm (wide), AF
5 MP, f/2.2, 12mm (ultrawide)
FeaturesLED flash, panorama, HDR
Video1080p@30/60fps    "Typo" really?

as sad as it sounds, but it is true! All major websites refer to the Samsung datasheet! Here is the mail from german Support!



and the final and arrogant answer ....



Thanks for the hint. !!!!THANKS FOR THE HINT!!!!! ??????

What about the contract I have completed?


As i say....never ever a Samung Mobile!!!!


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