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New Battery Usage screen sucks

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I've posted and commented on this before but the new battery usage screen really sucks. It's the kind of bad that makes me want to leave this OS behind.


Please add a like to the suggestion I'll link here so we can try and get some better information back, like we had with Android 9:


I've attached screenshots of why it sucks.

Shows that I have 5 hours screen on time. But actually, ~1.5 hours of that are before I went to bed and charged, and whilst charging. That's totally misrepresenting what users have known that sceeen on time measure to be since the dawn of screen on time measures. 

It's highly deceptive. 


Adding up, I've had 3 hours 37 minutes of usage since last full charge with 8% left (6% now after I finish this post).


Who cares how much screen on time they've had since midnight even after charging and topping it up a few times? I certainly don't. 


Screenshot_20191111-193244_Device care.jpg


Screenshot_20191111-193250_Device care.jpg


Screenshot_20191111-193252_Device care.jpg


Screenshot_20191111-193255_Device care.jpg


Screenshot_20191111-193257_Device care.jpg


Screenshot_20191111-193258_Device care.jpg


Screenshot_20191111-193301_Device care.jpg


Screenshot_20191111-193304_Device care.jpg


Helping Hand

I should add, it's not all bad.  

I like being able to select 2 hour chunks and see what app usage the battery in that specific chunk.

It sucks that I have to select each one to add up usage since last full charge, and it sucks that there's no simple way to see total screen on time since last full charge.

"Charging" screen on time is included in those times for each 2 hour chunk. 

I notice that you don't have daily graphs for the last 7 days, I had graphs on the 1st two days of beta than they disappeared, did send error report but not fixed in 2nd beta 

@Graykenhill they've never been there for me - I joined on beta 2. I don't think I've had them at all on beta 3 either. 

I've seen them on others' screenshots.

Still not sure what those daily graphs will actually show though. 

I'm guessing they wont show me screen on time since last full charge? 😁

Beta Moderator
Beta Moderator

Hi @ryamoo 


Thanks for that "rant" :face-with-tears-of-joy:

I can tell you, that I am already invovled in a discussion with the development team regarding that.

The biggest help would be to like the suggestions related to that particular change :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

@TomaszT I'm also not getting the vertical battery bars in the Last 7 days section it was there earlier. I reported the bug. 

Battery graphs for last 7 days have now reappeared. Not sure why Screenshot_20191113-004349_Device care.jpg


And now after a nights kip and a recharge they've gone again Screenshot_20191113-063224_Device care.jpg


@Graykenhill for me they were there in beta 1 and never came after that. I was using wired charging that time now I'm on wireless. I don't know if this have any impact. 

I use both wired and wireless charging, wired throughout the day if required and always wireless overnight, to be fair don't think It has any bearing on the outcome