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XP13 9370 not charging via the 95w usb-C output on my Samsung LC49J890DKUXEN Monitor

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Hi Guys,

I recently purchased a Samsung LC49J890DKUXEN Monitor because this screen supports USB Type-C ports that transmit power. So 1 port is (15w) and 1 that transmits (95w) as well as data let you charge devices directly from the monitor. I( purchased it hoping I would just have a one cable connection desk top solution. Unfortunately my XPS 13 won't charge from the (945w) charger port and switches to battery mode. I know the Screen is good as it works with a 2019 Mac Book pro for both display and charging.

This has really killed the excitement of having a really great desktop solution 



 I believe this could be a bios update to fix this issue after researching on Google and finding others with a similar issue when trying to charge via screens. I wanted to raise a support ticket to make Dell aware of this issue but my machine is out of warranty. I will be looking to upgrade my laptop in the coming months because of this issue an will no not considering a Dell machine as a replacement, I bough the Samsung because I though been a major brand it would have these kinds of issues.

Any advice would be appreciated and if this could be escalated to Dell Tech Support team to look in to again it would be very much appreciated...

stay safe guys and thanks for any help in advance.



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