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Updated/Upgrade S-Pen

(Topic created on: 04-03-2023 08:42 AM)

Hi Samsung, 

I can't speak for other users, but I can certainly speak for myself. I LOVE your devices, and have for many years. I especially love the new eco-system you are building, and the fact that my S-Pen from any one device works on all other devices that I have.

What I would LOVE to see though, is a new S-Pen for the Galaxy Book Series laptops that have 2-3 buttons on them. That is something I had more or less expected when I bought my Galaxy Book2 Pro 360. Having one button for select/writing, one button for right mouse click or other features based on the programs OR as the eraser, OR an eraser on the opposite end of the stylus, so you can turn it over to erase the drawing, or colour or whatever needs to be removed.

I would even purchase a new S-Pen with this kind of functionality. I have had a number of MS Surface devices, and the stylus for their products, as well as aftermarket stylus all offer this kind of functionality. I would just LOVE it if you produced something that had a similar feature. 

I don't want to start buying off brand devices because of how smooth the S-Pen is on the Galaxy Book, but that's just me.

Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 i7 512/16
Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra 1TB/16
Galaxy S23 Ultra 512/12
Galaxy Tab S6
Galaxy Note 9
Galaxy A32
Galaxy Gear
And a host of other older units
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