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Scammers/hackers/developers group fish me into somekind license over permision

(Topic created on: 15-04-2023 07:51 AM)
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Hi I never was a developer and I don't know what is going on after I deleted all services from Samsung which was connected to my account I don't see clearly, if there is still some hidden truth. I am not sure if I am get out of this nonsense license over permission, where I experienced all kind of deep permission which I dont even wanted to control me... where they at first hacked into my mobile and then fished me into accepting the license. As a user ii don't read it I just slide down and accepted it. Nobody can have so much power over somebody. Broken Privacy tried to control my devices and hacked all my devices in less than minutes I am already in depths I am not sure if I am still bonded to it or if I am free. Because isn't funny. I have 4 witnesses who experienced events with me.+ evidence on sd-card I. this isn't right.. 4 months annoyed me forwarded my mails phonecalls never received any missed calls friends toldme that i calliing from numbers which are automated calls.. Mirroring my screen so that 2 persons using 1 phone example you looking for something in settings and he or she flip page where I see nothing important on this page so if i will change anything will not harm them. And my page show on his her phone crazy.. So mean whenever i tried lto og somewhere they had the same access over me. IT was very scary this s why is very hard to spot it as a third person who just do observation they listen and lrecord me 24/7 they .tried to scam me into another license.. They failed Stress fears many sleepless nights I am done. After they hijacked and steal from my10 pounds I found out they are harmful. I wish to be sure that I am safe. And no more control. Preventing me from finding a job and much Looking for justice and truth... They did much more but if any question i will reveal more.