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Samsung odyssey G7 27 Power and Jog issues

(Topic created on: 30-11-2022 02:15 AM)

Posted this in the US forum but not getting anything back:

Got issues with my Odyssey and the power on and toggle. Recently the toggle won't go the right way on OSD when it's been on for a decent amount of time (warm). This means going down on the menu doesn't do anything but up does down and left does right but no direction goes up which means I can't access the menu at all. If I push up and to the side I can sometimes get it to turn off but this is the wrong way round to what it's supposed to be.


Furthermore, when I do get it to switch off when I turn it back on again (next day or after lunch) it generally doesn't remain on on the first attempt it just flashes on with the LEDs then straight off. Second time it might remain on but equally it can just sit there and not do anything, unresponsive and has to be reset at the mains.


I know there was QA issues with these products but I assumed after the firmware fix these went away. Great monitor when it works but this early on in ownership it's not a great experience.


There's also no way to turn off auto-power off on the monitor when the source goes to sleep which is essential for some devices since they keep the monitor turning off and on once asleep.


I'm not prepared to send this away without a valid replacement therefore what is Samsung support doing about this? Seems to be a common problem and all over the forums so please don't just point me to the troubleshooting steps of turning off and on and checking the power is connected...

Running latest firmware and can send image of S/Ns but this needs a fix as I've only had this 2/3 months or so but it's not ideal.


Hi, i can't turn off the display by holding the button because it's turn it on again and i can see the message "display port 1" even if my computer is off... Any solution ?

Actually i need to unplug it if i want to turn off...