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Samsung galaxy book s

(Topic created on: 11-08-2021 08:24 AM)
Anni koci

So has anyone here had any problems with galaxy book s {intel version}

My pc has been acting weird since the begging and Samsung doesn't want to acknowledge that there is a problem they refuse to fix the problems...

So the issues are as follows

(it turns off whenever without any warnings

The touch pad freezes up sometimes

I have a really hard times turning on most of the time, in order for me to start the pc I have to press volume down and power at the same time and do that for like 10 sec 

windows costumer service said the version of windows you got there doesn't have a key number  so the software that Samsung has downloaded is doesn't even work properly with there own hardware

The battery drains even in sleep mode all background activities and still I wake up on the morning without any battery left whatsoever .

sometimes even the updates fails every now an than i actually  have to retry once or twice for it to update 

the fingerprint sensor almost never works 

I have tried factory reset reinstall the same windows 10 version that it came with etc nothing works, all Samsung need to do is install a 64bit version of windows 10 and is fix but they refuse to fix anything even the hardware issues like touch pad.

Laptop was bought  8 months ago. And they want me to pay 500skr to send it to them and if they do find any problems they may be additional charges.