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Samsung CF24FG73 issue

(Topic created on: 21-09-2017 10:59 AM)
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I have had this problem for a month now and havent been able to find a fix for it yet so I decided to post it here to see if I can find a fix.

I run a double monitor setup: Samsung CF24FG73 as main monitor and Samsung C22F390 as secondary.

When I turn on my pc my second monitor turns on just fine, but my main monitor stays black. The led on it shows like its on but its just black. The only way to turn it on is to plug the power brick out of the outlet then plug it back in, after that it turns on just fine and it works well. But every time I turn on the PC i have to replug the monitor, its annoying.

My main monitor is connected to my GPU via DisplayPort cable and second monitor also to my GPU via HDMI.

I tried connecting my main via HDMI but problem stayed. I also tried connecting only my main monitor but same problem.