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Samsung Bluetooth Sync (Galaxy Book) Error

(Topic created on: 02-03-2022 08:03 PM)


I've recently purchased a Galaxy Book (Intel i5 8GB RAM) and have set it up etc. Everything is up to date, however I am having an issue with Samsung Bluetooth Sync. I keep getting the following error:

"Update the app you just came from

The app you tried to sign in from is too out of date to connect to your Samsung account. Go to the About page in that app to update it."


Like I say, everything is up to date. How can I solve this?


Many thanks,


First Poster

I was previously able to use Samsung Bluetooth Sync on Windows 11 and am also getting this error now on my 2 month old Galaxy Book Pro 360.

Seems like something broke recently.

First Poster

Okay, another update. I found the place to download the updates, but for some reason it's not visible if you just search the Windows store:

I got there by:

  1. Opening Samsung Update
  2. Selecting Apps on the left
  3. Clicking on "Samsung Bluetooth Sync" and it opened the microsoft store, and showed me an "Update" button... after like 30 seconds on the page. (At first it opened and said "Open" and "Get"... which doesn't make sense?"
  4. After the update, I opened "Samsung Bluetooth Sync" and clicked the big "Sign In" button.
  5. This launched Windows Store again for the Samsung Account app:
  6. I had to install that updated app from the Windows store too.
  7. I signed in on the newly-installed Samsung Account app
  8. Then I returned to Samsung Bluetooth Sync, which said I'd been "signed out by another app" 🙄
  9. Clicked "sign in" again, and it signed me in and I could see my new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

I hope that helps someone else!