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Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB - How To Revert Last Firmware to Default

(Topic created on: 18-07-2020 11:41 AM)

Mine Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB never worked as I expected.

Performance are always below expectations and benchmarks show that.

Because I had experience only with Samsung SSD and M.2 I must say this is the first time I had a problem and I know the culprit is Samsung's NVMe M.2.


When I asked Samsung for RMA they were very reserved and I continue to use 970 EVO Plus because I want only one confirmation. That's using on another system. Because of that I will wait DDR5 platform.

If the performance of 970 EVO Plus 1TB continues to be slower and below expectations, I will RMA, Refund or replace and pay an additional price for the newest model probably PCI-E 4.0. I don't care.

All of these benchmark tests are below specifications, far below specifications, but last is after Firmware update.

How to revert Firmware? Where to Download Default firmware 1Bxxxxxx?



I strongly suggest to Samsung to launch new firmware and fix problems with different results.

How the same drive could be so much different from sample to sample on systems with the same PCI-E x4 Gen 3.0 speed. 


I tolerate this only because my motherboard is X99, first with M.2 slots.

But she has everything necessary for Gen 3.0 NVMe to work in full speed in specifications.

Who knows why this is good, maybe I RMA and pay an additional price for Samsung Gen 4.0 one day after RMA. 

I don't have newest system, X99, GTX1080Ti, 2666 DDR4, 850 EVO, CORSAIR 120 GT, etc... Every single piece of hardware in User Benchmark tests is Performe Above Expectations or Performe Way Above Expectations... except Samsung 970 EVO Plus, he Performe Below Expectations. 

And that's not my system, it's sample of 970 EVO Plus.



I success to get little better results after reinstall driver and Samsung Magician. 970 EVO Plus 1TB - Samsung Magician 5.3.1.JPG970 EVO Plus 1TB - Samsung Magician v6.1.0.JPG

01. 970 EVO Plus 1TB - Random v6.0.2.JPG02. 970 EVO Plus 1TB - 0Fill v6.0.2.JPG

03. 970 EVO Plus 1TB - Default-Random v7.0.0.JPG04. 970 EVO Plus 1TB - 0Fill v7.0.0.JPG

07. 970 EVO Plus 1TB - AS SSD MBs.JPG11. 970 EVO Plus 1TB - ATTO Bytes.JPG


I have the 970 Evo working on a Windows 11 pc, lately the write speed went down very badly!
I removed and reinstalled it, reinstalled the driver as well but did not resolve anything for me unfortunately..

To be honest I took the Samsung drive for stability, but it's only giving issues, and also running hot (50/60 °C) but Samsung said it's by design...


Anyway, anyone has an idea on how to resolve this?1.jpg