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ridiculous problem with samsung flow

(Topic created on: 09-05-2023 01:09 AM)

I'm running samsung flow version on a windows 10 pc. I'm trying to connect it to my samsung galaxy S8 phone. It used to connect over wifi but for some reason its won't connect any more. I've tried rebooting  my pc, my phone, my router, no joy. both devices are on the same network. I have samsung flow loaded and ready on my phone

so I tried connecting with usb cable. in windows 10 the phone then shows up as available but when I click on it a box comes up and says  'to connect using usb cable you need to install the samsung usb driver'. so I click on 'install' and then another box comes up and says:  'you must disconnect the usb cable before installing the driver. please disconnect the usb cable and try again.  so i unplug the usb cable and click retry. a dialog box comes up asking me if I want to proceed and I click yes. and then it reverts back to 'searching for devices' and the ***** thing never never finds my phone.

this is so stupid. how do i get this connection back? on the phone there is nothing I can press or tap - it's just a 'samsung flow' page. help please.

First Poster

Unfortunately, Samsung Flow is garbage. It worked for me fine yesterday, have changed nothing, parameters on both my phone and laptop are exactly the same, same WiFi network, same Bluetooth settings,etc. Even sat in the same chair, at the same desk. But, today, it doesn't want to connect. Maybe tomorrow it will be fine, or later today, or next week. Welcome to the whacky world of samsung software.