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Problems With Windows 10

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Windows 10 keeps on winning clients at a higher rate than any past Windows framework. It as of now surpasses 150 million establishments in a little more than two months. A predictable development, since it is free for each one of the individuals who have refreshed from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

As opposed to what occurred with different frameworks, for example, Windows 95 or Windows Vista, Windows 10 has not introduced genuine disappointments of activity , past the normal incongruence with a few peripherals or segments, (for example, certain NVIDIA cards or Realtek chips) that have been settled with new drivers, and truly, some security issues .

Another bug that hit the front pages of the sites was the Windows 10 disappointment that expended all the RAM and CPU assets , because of a blunder in the warning framework.

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Hi @Jordanbelfort ,  agree that whilst a few  issues generally  Windows  10 has been well received ,  offers  an enhanced experience for users. I have a thread  on Update Issues  though the problem with 1809 appears to be largely resolved.

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