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Not able to boot from evo 970 M.2

(Topic created on: 22-01-2019 03:40 PM)
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Hello erveryone,


As the title suggests, I cannot boot from my Samsung evo 970 M.2 SSD.

I've looked up many diffrent topics on why it woudn't boot and after 10 hours of try and error I figured you are my last chance.

All other drives were disconected when I installed Windows.


Main problem:

After the clean installation of Win 10, you have to reboot your system. It does the reboot but cannot boot from the M.2 SSD. Even when I specificly boot from the M.2 SSD itself. 

No errors shown, it just returns to the BIOS.


What I treid so far:

-Installing Windows 10 build 1809 on the 970  with CSM on and off (treid both) as well as with secureboot on and off

-Changed the bootoptions and the storage options both to UEFI

-Tried my two M.2 slots on my motherboard

-Updated the BIOS to the newest version


My Setup:

Motherboard: Gigabyte Auros Pro Wifi

Processor: Intel Core i9 9900K

PCU: Straight Power 11 850W

Ram: 16 GB HyperX Predator 4000 mhz


When you need more Information on anything, just ask and I will provide them.

Hope you guys can help me out here,

Thanks in advance.


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You have set boot options to uefi which is correct for nvme but when you Initialised the nvme, did you do so as GPT?  becuz if you set it as mbr, then it would Not be bootable