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need a firmware update link for my SE-506BB/TSBD Samsung Blu Ray Reader/writer... HEEEEELP

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I need a firmware update link for this blu rAY WRITER I HAVE CONNECTED TO MY mAC MINI ..

Was working just fine until yesterday and now wont allow my mac to recognise discs etc..

says each time

dISC not recognised or disc corrupted ... says it on every single one and Apple advised my to get a firmware update for this... sAMSUNGS WEBSITE is impossible to find one for it


just thinking about... if you search on amazon, you can't find any bd-burner from a known brand, you may find from unknown brands, or in ebay chinesse ones....maybe a way to stop piracy? and the products out there are disabling it for just work with dvd? my toughts...
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