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need a firmware update link for my SE-506BB/TSBD Samsung Blu Ray Reader/writer... HEEEEELP

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I need a firmware update link for this blu rAY WRITER I HAVE CONNECTED TO MY mAC MINI ..

Was working just fine until yesterday and now wont allow my mac to recognise discs etc..

says each time

dISC not recognised or disc corrupted ... says it on every single one and Apple advised my to get a firmware update for this... sAMSUNGS WEBSITE is impossible to find one for it



Hi @wilburforce@soleo@macheadincov, and @MaNuChao.


Apologies for the  missteps along the way and the time it's taken, but we've now tracked down the correct Support team for the SE-506. Check out TracyR's post here for details.


I had the same issue with this same device that I used on my imac desktop. Now its useless, the funny thing is, i have only used it a few times, after i did the iOS updates, i got nothing!! I tried it on windows computers with the same results, nothing.. How do I get notifications about any updates for this threads?


I updated to firmware ts01, but still no success. So I have the same problems as the others *****. Please provide a firmware update!


I ditched the cord that came with the dvd player and purchased a cord compatible with USB 3.0 and it worked like a charm. I plugged it in and it automatically started up the dvd program that comes with Imac's.


Can you give me a link to that cable, please?


The problem is not confined to Samsung, as my LG internal BD writer is having the same fault. It can read / write cds / DVDs but when it comes to Blu-Ray, neither can read or write, although both drives used to.  If something has changed so that we are no longer allowed to read / write Blu-Ray then the manufacturers will have to remove all such drives from the market. i think the problem is with the Codec.


Spent over anhour on the phone beingg transfered and disconnected by Samsung support.


Bootom line is they no longer make this model, do NOT have hte software or firm ware posted on their website (in 20218 are you kidding me!?!?!?! - i can still download drivers adn software for an HP Laserjet printer and they dicontinued those almost 20 years ago!!!) and when i asked to a speak to a supervisor they were unavailable.


I will NEVER purchase another Samsung product EVER.  Worst customer service i have experienced in a decade or more.




NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey I figured it out after several months - whatever Apple did in their OS, it seems to related to power of the BD writer.


Just fYI I'm on TS02 for my Toshiba-Samsung Storage Tech (TSST) SE-506CB Blueray writer, Imac 2015 on high sierra.


I have it connected to an Anker USB 3.0 *powered* port - if you have a USB hub /w the powered port put it on there.


After that I've been able to write DVD's.  I used to always get this unrecognized command, and the BD writer would reset itself.. I figured if it reset, it was probably power draw related.

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Worst support ever

Will not buy any products from samsung in the future

providing no driver updates just 7 years after it came out is unacceptable



Bump from another user.


This needs fixing, please. It is entirely unacceptable, Samsung.

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