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Monitor doesn't wake up from sleep LS32A600NWUXXU

(Topic created on: 29-08-2023 09:32 AM)
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Any help appreciated. I have a new monitor LS32A600NWUXXU. Works beautifully except that if the monitor goes to sleep for longer than 5 minutes it doesn't appear to wake up again. Usually I must disconnect and reconnect the device power to get it working. 

Confusing particular  #1 - when my laptop re-awakens, it detects the monitor and is pushing an image to the screen. I can see my laptop wake up, and I can see my laptop notice the second screen and do the windows 'pop' thing that indicates it is entering a new screen configuration, but the monitor remains blank

Confusing particular #2 - when I disconnect and reconnect the device power, it doesn't always re-awaken. I cannot figure out why. It does not seem to be related to how long it has been asleep for beyond the initial minimum time for the problem to occur at all.

Confusing particular #3 - when this happens, I cannot get anything to show on the monitor - not the menu, nothing. 


Prior solution attempts: I have replaced the HDMI cable twice with brand new cables. I have tried a display port cable. I have tried multiple ways of disconnecting/reconnecting the power. I have tried a number of monitor menu settings. I have tried resetting the monitor from menu.


I can see a similar issue in a number of other posts, but they seem to talk about power/cable solutions that don't seem to apply to my case?


Any help greatly appreciated.