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Lenovo Yoga 730 Does Not Recognize EVO 970 Plus 2TB SSD

(Topic created on: 27-12-2022 06:17 PM)
SSD Discussion
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I am trying to upgrade from a 1TB (MZVLBT0HALR-000L2 SSD to a 970 EVO PLUS 2TB.

Laptop cannot see the drive.

1st tried attaching the new SSD to an m.2 NVME external drive and running Data Migration but no Target SSD found.

Tried to install the latest Samsung NVME Driver V3.3 but receive a message about 'Samsung No NVM Device Connected' & the Driver Install fails.

I verified I have the latest BIOS (7KCN33WW Ver 1.14).

Tried backing up the current SSD, replacing it with the new SSD & tried booting up to Restore from the Backup.

From what I had read prior to buying the SSD I felt that it should work without any issues.

If anybody has encountered same or can advise me how to get around this issue.


Still does not see the new SSD.

I did a lot of due dilligence before purchaing