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Laptop not detecting Samsung monitor as 2nd display

(Topic created on: 07/09/20 15:28)
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Hi all, 


I've just bought a Samsung P2370 monitor as a 2nd display for my laptop but I can't get the laptop to detect it.


I've added 2nd monitors before, most recently I had an Acer and I've even connected my TV (but the resolution was rubbish).


The monitor was pre-owned but I saw it working fine at the seller's house. My laptop has an HDMI port and I was given the DVI to HDMI cable by the seller.


I have updated my laptop, including Windows updates (it's Windows 10) and for any display adapter updates - there is no previous version to roll back to.


The monitor powers up and I've checked the cables are securely in, etc. I haven't uninstalled and reinstalled the display adaptor (Intel (R) HD graphics card as I'm a little nervous of making things worse - PLUS, I can't imagine how a much better & newer monitor than I had would require an 'old' driver?


My feeling is it's the DVI to HDMI cable, i.e. that some kind of extra adapter is needed, but it's not based on any tech knowledge!!