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How to fix Samsungsettingsapp.exe error window

(Topic created on: 28-10-2023 10:42 PM)
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I've been learning web/software development lately and I noticed yesterday that when I log into my laptop #galaxy book odyssey, I get an error window that showed the path for samsungsettingsapp.exe. I suspect I might have messed up a path variable while setting up some tools to use with php. I guess samsung settings were probably affected somehow but Windows was still functioning fine, I didn't notice any problems using my laptop.

That's where I started. I talked to someone at Samsung support to help me fix the error. He got on my computer remotely, tried to set up a configuration to do a system restore (there was no previous restore point), and executed. When the computer finally rebooted after, I've been stuck in the automatic repair loop since.

The goal at this point is to diagnose and fix what's wrong with the system config without losing any data by doing a whole factory reset.

I'm going to figure this out but some help from someone who knows the proper settings between the Samsung and Windows software better than me would be very helpful.