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Galaxy flex2 screen cracked

(Topic created on: 29-12-2022 10:07 AM)
First Poster
I have been using the flex2 laptop for 12 months and found the 360 flip screen great to presenting but on my last presentation the screen was not responding. I shut the laptop and when I got home, reopened to see why it wasn't responding as normal and noticed a hairline crack across the screen. There has been no impact as I am careful when transporting my laptop and its always in a protected case. I contacted Samsung repair and they arranged a courier to collect within a couple of days but didn't communicate any cost so I wasn't keen on releasing the laptop until they had confirmed it was covered under a manufacturers warranty. After a few phone calls and emails, they asked for photos of the screen. So, I sent these and then received a call to say it wasn't covered and I would have to pay £350. I am really disappointed in the attitude of Samsung as this is clearly a design fault and Samsung users are just using the devices as intended but the devices are not up to the job. They wouldn't give a reason why they weren't prepared to cover the screen replacement and I am confused as to why they requested photos. The photos sent, show that there was no screen or case damage but they still refuse to accept liability. I can see on the Samsung Community pages that there are many issues of this same defect across many users and something needs to be done about this. I have raises this to a supervisor/manager to no avail so escalating to the complaints department. This is such poor customer service from such a huge company. I will think twice about purchasing from Samsung in the future.