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Galaxy Book Pro 360 Purchase Issues

(Topic created on: 14-05-2021 07:45 PM)
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Hey all. Just want to check and see if anyone else trying to purchase this as a pre-order yesterday has had the same issues as me.

I had my basket set up for the full spec 15.6in 360 (and redeemable offer of the Buds Pro3) with a trade-in device worth £100 accepted, a Samsung voucher code for £60 off the brand new Book series, (which I imagine was the same code for everyone, valid until July 4th 2021 on the UK store) successfully applied and a Samsung Care+ policy for 2 years discounted at 30% to around £48 added.

Samsungs site seemed to glitch around 6:30pm, refreshed and had a slightly different appearance (I check the site was valid in a new window, and it checked out).
It then stated my trade-in device was invalid against the 360 (it said in multiple places you could apply up to four devices, but would only allow one for me. One device is now finally working and accepted again), the voucher code became invalid despite being stated as usable until 4/7/2021, and wouldn't even let the Samsung care+ at full price be applied to the full price laptop (this has now changed to a 12 month policy for £39 and applies successfully again). It then refreshed the page and the device was "Not for Sale"! What happened here? I even went on to a video chat for help with these issues and was blatantly lied to, and given an "ah well, wait it out and it will be available to purchase again" vibe. The device was available to buy at full price after a while, but with no add ons accepted, not even their own insurance - he checked this on his own access and I could see the confusion on his face. He said the insurance wasn't available for this product. Really? A brand new device bought directly from Samsung, and they wouldn't allow and their own insurance plan on it? He then went on to say I could add the insurance up to 30 days later if I went ahead and bought the device then. Thoroughly disappointed and feel duped, and feel the options that were given to me before should be honoured.
Sorry for the long winded rant here, I simply expected better from a global company like this.

Has anyone else experienced this at all, and have you managed to resolve it with customer service/anything?

Thanks in advance,

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You can add on the insurance within 30days but not sure on how good it is. Some say it is others not. Some Home insurance policies can cover personal items for away from home and accidents etc.
Hope you get it resolved. Sounds like something went wrong and even the support staff are confused. Xx
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oh my...

the pre-order period has ended already, 14 May (cut off 6pm possibly)

and orders ship started as well


please contact online shop team if they can mend, as you were not able to save the order by 6pm yesterday



Phone: 0330 726 7467 | Mon-Sun | 8am to 10pm


the same team caters trade in, voucher code replacement and care+







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Thank you so much blueberry!
The cut-off was 11:59pm, hence my confusion and consequent annoyance. Its possible to order it now, but not with the attached bonuses I had before. The voucher was meant to be valid until July 4th, so it's strange that it suddenly apply, and it was definitely on the UK site.
Seems like it was a sod's law thing to happen! Hopefully the team will be helpful and honour what my purchase initially came to.
Thank you for the direct details and info that they deal with all these particular departments. Do you think calling after the weekend is the better option, to speak in person, or write all the details in an email a.s.a.p?
Again, thank you for being kind and reaching out🤓
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Wow, what a tale of woe, I'd be interested to hear if you went ahead with your purchase and more to the point, was it delivered to you in reasonable time?

I ask this as I ordered the Pro Book, okay only about ten days ago, which was almost immediately acknowledged - since then, nothing! An online check says that it's been despatched but Samsung haven't been in contact at all. I accordingly spoke to their sales department who made some comment about my order being prioritised so soon as the stock was available.

It really isn't good enough, they've taken my money but offered no comment or explanation about low stock, delays or projected delivery date - an apology would have been in order too.

I can't be alone if there's a National (or even an International) supply problem, I wouldn't mind too much - it's the silence that severely aggravates me!