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Galaxy Book Pro 360 -First impressions

(Topic created on: 16-07-2021 07:43 PM)

A few months ago, I entered a competition on the Samsung Members app - where I had to submit a photo of a view I'd like to see from my desk. Amazingly, this week, I was contacted by the Samsung team to let me know that I had won a prize - and that prize was the Galaxy Book Pro 360. Wow!

The last few years I have moved away from Windows machines (apart from my work machine) and gone towards Chromebooks. I love their ease of use and the one I have turns into a tablet too, which suits my ways of working. Windows machines for me were ok, but didn't offer me much more than I already had. 

Now I have unboxed this Galaxy Box Pro 360, I am so impressed with so many of the features. It was super quick to set up (something that put me off Windows machines before) and the build quality of this device is mind blowing. So light, but solid. The screen is out of this world, and whilst the sound isn't the best, it's more than enough for what I would expect, and if I want better sound, I will plug in my headphones!

Going back to the screen - watching a 4K video has been something else! The picture is so real and for such a light device, this has just amazed me!

I currently use a Samsung Note 9 which is approaching 3 years old, but still working fine, and I had seen some great videos of people controlling their phones and transferring files from the GBP360. I was a bit worried that having an older device this feature wouldn't work well but there really was no need for me to worry. Installed the Flow app, connected the two devices and away I went - instant sharing of files between the two, and even controlling my phone from the GBP. 

The other impressive thing is the S Pen. This is something I use a lot on my Note 9 - and I was wondering how well this would work on this kind of device. A stylus is also something that I miss on my Chromebook. Again - this is another feature that has blown me away. The precision that it gives and the ease of use, I can see that I am going to be using this a lot for future photo editing - and hopefully winning more competitions! 

I've used this for a while today and the battery has only dropped 15% - saying I still have 9 hours left so I'm keen to find out how long I'm actually going to get from a full charge. 

Just want to thank the Samsung team for choosing my photo - and this prize has been an amazing bonus for doing something I love!


@Kennybase: Thank you for sharing your experience of your new Galaxy Book Pro 360. It's amazing to hear that you're enjoying it, and I hope it continues to impress :smiling-face: 

Samsung Members Star ★★
Great that you won the prize @Kennybase and are enjoying the Galaxy Book 360. Thanks for the detailed review. 👍

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.


My follow up to this, one week on is I'm still really impressed by this device. The battery easily lasts 2 days good use and I'm still blown away by the quality of the screen when watching HD videos (like the F1 clips on YouTube).

I've used it for a wide range of uses - and it's been fun getting back into a few games again, which is something I did miss with the Chromebooks that I've been using for the last few years. 

I find the S Pen so easy to use, and have been enjoying drawing and editing photos, as well as using it to take notes in Word - and I have really bad handwriting, but the accuracy is pretty much 100%. 

This is now my go to machine - and I can see it being that way for a while!


Quick question please... wondered if you (or anyone else reading) knows whether any of the Galaxy book pros can connect to a 4K monitor at 60Hz (at least)?    I've a 4K monitor that could handle it, but current laptop only manages 30Hz at 4K.   Thanks