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Galaxy Book 2 (NP750XED-KB6DE) DE Version Thunderbolt 4 ?

(Topic created on: 06-12-2022 12:45 PM)
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Hi I have from last week Galaxy Book 2 from Black Friday deals. My question is does it have Thunderbolt 4 integrated ? This is these one
 Galaxy Book2 (15,6", i7, 8 GB) i7 8 GB 512 GB | Samsung Deutschland

*Galaxy Book 2 (NP750XED-KB6DE)* That version I see is only for Germany. 

I Can't find this information anywhere. I have this laptop mainly for video editing and this one was only I think the best option with affordable price which was €650. (For this price, I can't find anything better) and thinking now if is possible to connect eGPU with thunderbolt 4

I see also here is a mistake because in specification says here is *Backlight on keyboard*, but this doesn't exist on this version as a fingerprint sensor.