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Cracked screen on Galaxy book 2 pro 360

(Topic created on: 19-10-2023 08:23 PM)
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Samsung if you guys are reading this, I will never buy another laptop from this comany again, until you fix and acknowled the poor design of this laptop. There is clearly a issue with the screen cracking due to poor design. How do you expect sombody to use this item if you have to wear bubble wrap just to open it. I have always bought samsung dating back 20 plus years. I am so disapointed that my screen is cracked, I bought it and it never even came out of the box as I would not be able to use it due to my location. I bought it as the price was a limited sale and it sat in the box for well over  a year. I finally open it up, lift the lid and heard a slight tink noise, only to find a cresent moon crack at the bottom centre of the screen. Now there is now warranty left, regardless of the time I was away this product should have been desiged better, if this simple taks of opening the lid can break it. My watch is sweet as can be love it great job awsome product, my S22 ultra. I do more on that phone with the pen than I do on my home computer, another grand slam. Own up to this laptop issue, I am screwed for warranty I get it, but come on did you guys not even consider with it being so thing in the display that maybe , just maybe to add a sub frame linking the base and the lid, and it's only taks is support for the display. I am so F(*&(*%$$nn ***** right now. 

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Have you spoken to Samsung Customer Service at all?

I know it is painful but......

Many Samsung devices come with a 2 year warranty so worth a call.