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970 evo plus firmware update

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Hello everyone!
About 4 days ago, I bought a new NVMe ssd (970 evo plus 250gb). I can use the drive in windows, but when I am starting to put some load on the GPU, the drive will go to 100% and freeze the whole computer. The only way is a hard restart. I have done a lot of things, such as installing clean windows 10, and I still had this problem. I understood that I have to update the firmware, but I just dont understand how to do it. 
Can someone help with me that please?


Hi @Coozeki. What CPU do you have? only asking because there is this thread which have mentioned some compatibility issues with certain SSD's. 


I use the 6700k 4.7 ghz with Asus z270-a prime. 


Be sure your socket is not sharing the PCIe bus between GPU and 970evo+, change of socket your 970 and try, or be sure than is selected as gen3 and x4 mode in the bios, but I thing last sugerence is not important, because it must to be in Auto.


Install drivers from samsung oficial webpage, install samsung magician and check firmware updates, a few weeks ago a new release get out.


Also could be excesive temperature in your M2 when you are playing.


Important please, try to install it in the botton M2_1 socket of your motherboard (M2_1) and (M2_2) Socket is the top one.




I've a similar issue with a Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe m.2 2TB ssd. I am using this okay with an Orico usb-c to NVMe PCIe M.2 adapter, but it seems (from an Amazon UK review on the Fledging Shell Thunder NVMe enclosure) that I need to upgrade the 970 EVO Plus SSD firmware before I can use it in the Fledging enclosure.


Am I right to assume the EVO Plus NVMe needs to be installed in a PCIe adapter before Samsung Magician software can update the firmware?  i.e. a USB to NVMe M.2 adapter won't cut it?


My options are limited as I only have a MacBook Pro 15" Retina (2015) laptop or a Mac Mini (2018) hardware available.


Answering my own question: found a helpful hint from Rick Makes showing how to update the firmware using a MacBook Pro in  this instructional video    .

It involves installing the NVMe SSD in the MacBook as the primary drive using an adapter and booting off the Samsung SSD firmware update on a USB thumb drive.  Rick shows how to copy the Samsung SSD firmware update image onto the thumb drive using MacOS commands in Terminal.

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