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Menstrual Cycle Tracker on Samsung Health

Samsung Content Creator

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Knowing your body is the key to having a healthy lifestyle. A big part of that is tracking and understanding your menstrual cycle. This is why it’s such great news that Samsung has teamed up with Natural Cycles to bring advanced temperature-based menstrual cycle tracking capabilities to the Galaxy Watch5 series. As well as being able to track your cycle length, a period tracker can also help you understand any irregularities in your period, as well as giving you insights into your overall health.

Let’s take a look at how Menstrual Cycle Tracking on the Galaxy Watch5 works!

First off, what is Menstrual Cycle Tracking? It’s a feature of the Samsung Health app that lets you track your menstrual cycle by entering the dates of your period. You can track and manage your cycle to predict the dates of your next period, as well as recording how you feel and your mood every day to help manage your overall health.

To activate this great feature, just open Samsung Health and select Cycle Tracking, then add your most recent cycle information to the calendar.

So, where do temperature measurements come into it? Well, once you turn on the “Predict period with skin temperature” feature in settings, your Watch5 will automatically measure your skin temperature. If you wear your watch while you sleep, you’ll be able to see your daily representative temperature. Because skin temperature is highly correlated to your basal body temperature (BBT), which varies in each menstrual phase, these readings can be used to detect when you ovulate, helping to predict your cycle more accurately.

All the readings that are collected over the previous month will be displayed as a graph in Cycle Tracking. Here you’ll be able to see your periods, as well as predicted ovulation and fertile windows. All your data is encrypted and stored securely on your device, which gives you more control over your data.

Cycle Tracking also evaluates the symptoms you enter into the daily log, giving you tips and information. This can range from scheduling a day to relax to help deal with fatigue, to working out to relieve pain. The Samsung Health app can also suggest handy content to help you stay healthy during your cycles, like guided stretching or meditation classes to help you sleep better. Why not head over to Health Club, where you can discuss how you stay active and healthy with other Samsung Community users!

Have you tried Cycle Tracking on Samsung Health? Let us know in the comments!

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