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Introducing Photo Club

Community Manager




One of Galaxy smartphones’ biggest draws are their cameras. They come with a whole range of different features and modes to help make your photos spectacular. Want to take a photo of your latest culinary creation? Try food mode! The spectacular view from the mountain you just climbed won’t all fit in a regular photo? Take a panorama! Not sure what mode to use to capture the moment? The Scene Optimiser can help you make sure you get your best shot!


We know you love sharing your amazing photos as well as seeing other people’s pics. This is why we’ve created Photo Club, a section of the Community dedicated to, well, photos!


First things first: what is Photo Club? It’s a space for you to share your best shots, ask questions about how to make the most of your camera, and generally share your love of all things photography!


Let’s take a look at the different parts of Photo Club.


Galaxy Gallery

Galaxy Gallery is the place where you can show off your amazing photos. All you need to do is upload the shot that you want to share with everyone – whether it’s a perfect portrait or a breathtaking snap of the sunset. In the post you can explain what settings you used, how you got it looking so great, and where you took it. Or you can let the picture speak for itself; it’s up to you!


If you see a photo that you love here, click the heart to like it. Then you can leave a comment saying how much you love it or start a discussion about the pic.


Discussion area

Head over to the Discussion area of Photo Club to join in the conversation. Whilst Galaxy smartphone cameras are hugely intuitive, it never hurts to have a helping hand. If you have a shot that didn’t turn out quite how you wanted, you can ask for tips for making it better. If you’re unsure of what settings to use for a particular kind of lighting, throw the question out there. The great thing about the Community is that there will be someone who can help you with any queries you have!


You can also use the Discussion area to share any tricks and tips that you’ve picked up or discovered along the way. You can provide step-by-step tutorials for how to take pictures in different conditions, explain the exact Pro Mode settings you used to get a certain shot, or just open things up for a general discussion.



Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our photography contests. We’ll be running regular competitions with different themes on Photo Club, which means you’ll have even more chances to show off your amazing pics and to win prizes!


Have you tried out Photo Club yet? Let us know in the comments!


The Community Team 🤝


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First rule of Photo Club is... 😉😛


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