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Samsung Unveils Bespoke Jet Bot Combo

Daniel S
Samsung Content Creator

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Bespoke Jet Bot 817x348.png

Samsung Electronics is shaking up the home cleaning game with its latest vacuum cleaner line-up unveiled at CES 2024. Say hello to the Bespoke Jet Bot ComboTM — a sleek vacuum and mop robot cleaner that's about to change the way you tackle dust and dirt, thanks to its nifty artificial intelligence (AI) features.

The Bespoke Jet Bot ComboTM is set to take robot cleaning to the next level with its upgraded AI Object Recognition, going beyond just avoiding obstacles. It can now spot and categorise different spaces in your home, like your living room or kitchen. This allows you to set up no-go zones — like the bathroom or hallway — ensuring the robot cleans exactly where you want it to.

This clever machine can also sniff out stains and spaces like a pro. When it encounters a tough spot, it returns to its cleaning station, heats its mop pads with high-temperature steam, and then attacks the stain with its powerful spinning mops for a truly deep clean.

It is no slouch when it comes to floor types either. Thanks to AI Floor Detect feature, it can tell the difference between your hardwood/laminate floor and carpet, adjusting its cleaning mode at the drop of a hat. Plus, it's got enough suction power to give your carpet a deep clean without making it all soggy. The Bespoke Jet Bot ComboTM can also lift its mop pads and even detach them at the cleaning station to avoid cross-contamination.

But the best part? The Bespoke Jet Bot Combo doesn't leave you hanging when the cleaning's done. The clean station provides a 3-step Total Cleaning System that includes automatic washing, high-temperature steam cleaning, and hot air drying for the mop pads. This not only removes dirt but also helps prevent odours, keeping your robot squeaky clean without lifting a finger.

Say goodbye to the days of lugging around heavy vacuum cleaners and scrubbing stubborn stains on your hands and knees. Boasting futuristic features and a sleek design, the Bespoke Jet Bot ComboTM is bound to become your new best cleaning buddy! Keep your eyes peeled for it hitting the shelves in the second-half of 2024. 👀

The Community Team 🤝

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