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Soundbar Q800T > control Spotify with Alexa

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I own a Q800T soundbar which supports Spotify Connect (which works fine) and Alexa (which also works).

Now I want to control Spotify via Alexa by saying "Alexa, play Wonderwall on Spotify".
Alexa replies with "Spotify is not supported on this device". Which is strange because why shouldn't it work if Spotify Connect works fine?

After talking to Spotify Support and trying different solutions, I still encounter the same problem.
The Amazon/Alexa support wasn't helpful in these regards either.

My question now: Is it supposed to work? Does it work for one of you?


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Same issue here... 😞

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Did you connect it tomthe smart things app?


I have the same issue..... 


same problem, actually have a lot of software related issues from my samsung devies.
1: samsung tv hdmi arc doesn't support yamaha soundbar hdmi arc -> repaired  and software needed (useless)

advice -> buy a samsung soundbar, result.
2: samsung hw-q80r lost connection with subwoofer after an incomplete firmware update. -> repair needed

3: samsung tv keeps crasing after a factory reset (not a firmware update)-> repair needed

4: samsung firmware update zip can only be downloaded via windows (a zip file.. and trust me i tried)

5: samsung doesn't give a checksum on your downloads

6: samsung doesn't give a list on firmware updates. and ofcourse this issue.
7: samsung doesn't fully support the primere assistent alexa


honestly.. all the above a ridiculous for a brand with such a name.

i was happy with my samsung tv, but to be honoust.. i now wish i would have never bought the ***** thing and will never buy anything from samsung again!!


well, i got this issue solved by connection my q80r to my samsung echo dot via bleutooth, then set is as the standard speaker for my echo dot. now it plays it all fine via alexa.

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