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Samsung HW-Q950T choppy gargling audio disconnecting

(Topic created on: 18/01/21 23:13)
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Audio & Video

Can someone please help me?!!! I have the HW-950T and all it does on certain channels is have choppy gargling audio, but video is clear. I changed the HDMI cables and did nothing. I'm connected ARC. My old Samsung Soundbar never had an issue. I thought it was Comcast issue and tech comes out and nothing..


Mostly happens on sports games or news channels. It will spit out choppy audio, but tv audio is fine if I immediately turn off the Soundbar, so now I know its the soundbar.


I'm on the latest firmware.. I can't believe this junk premium product cuts out sound for 5 minutes and then goes away.. Its sporadic. Is this a frequency issue? I dont connect Soundbar BT or WIFI to TV... its on HDMI / ARC.


Other people must have the same issues as me. Some days it could be fine, but only matter of time how long I keep TV on and what channel