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Q9FN 2018 HW-80R Dolby Atmos Puzzle

(Topic created on: 18-12-2019 11:10 PM)
Audio & Video

Hi there,

I have a Samsung Q9FN 65" QLED and recently purchased the Samsung HW-Q80R soundbar.


My connections are:


Xbox One X and Virgin V6 Cable Box going into the back of the HDMI ports of the Samsung One Connect Box.


The TV is connected to the soundbar via HDMI IN (ARC) > HDMI OUT (TV ARC).


I use the Netflix App on the Samsung TV and notice no Atmos sound. I even tried using the Netflix App on the XBox One X and again noticed no Atmos.   I've never heard the Soundbars upwards firing speakers working.  I've tried numerous Nexflix titles that should be Dolby Atmos but to no avail.

I'm tech savvy but new to the AV world. Am I missing something?  

I'm looking for a solution that will allow me to fully utilise the Atmos sound from my soundbar.  Do I need a receiver? I've seen forum posts where people have got around the problem by purchasing an Apple TV 4K box.


Any clear black and white advice would be most appreciated!!!


Thanks in advance!