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Issue with TV and Soundbar - bluetooth not connecting and sound too low on optical cable connection

(Topic created on: 02-12-2020 10:05 PM)
First Poster

I have just bought a Samsung UE50TU8000 and a Samsung T420 2.1 ch to go with it and I am having some problems with it.


First of all, I had some issues connecting via Bluetooth. On day 1, it wouldn't find the soundbar at all. It somehow discovered it when I tried again and the sound was great except it kept dropping for a second or so now and then.


So I decided to get an optical cable instead (shame no HDMI port on this soundbar, I should have checked!) and it connects fine but the sound is too low. The sound does go down when I go lower than 50 so it's not a remote control issue, but when I try to push it higher than 50 (and it does need it as it sounds too low) all the way to 100 it barely makes a difference whereas when it did connect via Bluetooth, it was loud enough. If I switch back to the TV speaker it is much louder.


It seems to be a common problems and solutions I have seen on here range from disconnecting your bluetooth on your phone (even if connecting the soundbar via optical), to the usual plugging out, resetting etc... nothing works. Someone did something via their Samsung mobile but I have an iPhone. Any ideas?