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HW-Q90R Lip-sync issues

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For you guys who are having LIP sync issues, I've solved it by connecting my Blu-ray player direct to the Soundbar, rather than the TV.



Blu-ray player = LG UBK90


Soundbar = HW-Q90R


Initial connections. Blu-ray to HDMI-1 on the TV, and TV HDMI ARC to HDMI Arc on the Soundbar.
All sound types other than Dolby Atmos have NO delay problems. When DOLBY Atmos used, i.e. using bitstream input, and auto decode, or any other option to enable Dolby Atmos you get a delay or around 120ms between screen and sound.

Intuitively you would think this should be the connected setup, so with all delay options on soundbar and TV set to Zero, you can't go negative numbers, you will always get a delay. Obviously decode processing times cause a delay within the soundbar.

Changing setup of Blu-ray to HDMI-2 on the soundbar, and keep HDMI ARC on soundbar to HDMI ARC on TV, you get NO delay with Dolby Atmos, as the Soundbar is doing the decoding and sending the video data at the correct time, in this case again with a Zero delay setting on the soundbar.

You are losing Blu-ray to tv connectivity, but most systems can communicate fine through the soundbar with CEC codes anyway, and picture quality should be the same. It's digital init ?

Ideally, I'd want the Blu-ray player connected directly to the TV, but until Samsung sort out delay processing issues, then outputing directly to soundbar is the only work around.




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Forgot to mention. I've firmware patched it to the latest version, i.e. 1008


Is there any solution if someone don't use Blu-ray player but streams the Dolby Atmos content direclty from the TV via built-in Netflix app?

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I have a question regarding your remark: "you can't go negative numbers". I have noticed that, but I am guessing that this could fix some of my sync issues. Is this something that is not technically possible, or it is not implemented.

I know this possibility for example exists within VLC Player.


Interested to see your response.

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Streaming device = Apple TV 4K with Netflix App


Soundbar = HW-Q90R


I just got my Q90R this weekend. I have pretty much the same connections as SIR-Blade except I have an Apple TV 4K attached to HDMI1 on the TV.  I upgraded the soundbar to the latest firmware and I'm using the HDMI ARC connection between the soundbar and TV.  I'm having lip-sync issues with Atmos content being streamed from Netflix on the Apple TV.  I'm assuming if I plug the Apple TV to the HDMI2 connection on the soundbar this problem should go away.  Is there an option to tweek the delay in settings somewhere or any other options to try?



My problem was a little different than the problem mentioned above. Programs through cable were all out of sync and the adjustment, like everyone else, didn't work as the sync would not go into negative numbers. I was able to avoid the problem by inputting the cable hdmi directly into the soundbar. I haven't had the problem of lag from my blue ray player to the tv to the soundbar. 

Hey everyone! Just got a C9 (wow) and a Samsung Q90R Soundbar to go with it. Best lockdown ever!

Until...I immediately noticed lip sync lag. On basically everything. Internal apps and external connections.

Video is slightly behind audio. The closest I’ve got to it being right is:

PS4 pro + LG 4kplayer to HMDI on Samsung Q90R> then HMDI Arc to LGC9.

But as good as The Matrix looks in 4K, Trinity’s lips are just a little slow... And flashes are behind etc. and when you see the dialogue delay. You can’t I see it!

I don’t want to be dramatic but actually lost sleep over this after spending more money than I’ve ever spent and really needing the relaxing comfort of losing myself in some films...From Endgame on Disney+ to Endgame on UHD’s just ain’t right.

I spent a night digging through all these forums and Dolby seems to be the issue? But don’t really want to go back to digital optical 5.1 and lose all this Atmos etc. so close but yet so well, 10ms far.

Has ANYONE solved this? I’ll be eternally grateful.

Had the same issues...I wish the reveiwers had mentioned problems when I spent days combing through reviews to get a great system. I found by going through the soundbar directly it alleviated 95% of the problems. 

Thanks Lowell882... So you feel my pain! When you say solved 95% of the problems, do you mean got everything a little bit closer to being in sync? Are you sticking with it? And hoping for a firmware update fix?

Let's just say I don't watch everyone's mouths anymore and the wife stopped complaining. Once in awhile it is still off on certain channels where I notice it. Samsung needs to provide a software update as you can adjust the sync only in one direction and of course that's not the direction they provide. I'm still amazed none of the reviewers mentioned the high end prices and you would expect high end performance.

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