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HW-Q90R Dolby Vision pass through status

(Topic created on: 01/05/21 18:59)
Van der Deken
First Poster
Audio & Video

Can someone please clarify current status with Dolby Vision pass through for HW-Q90R soundbar?

I have this soundbar, also Shield TV Pro 2019 and Philips 55OLED805. Due to HDMI 2.0 ports in TV I can't simply use it with soundbar to play content with TrueHD + Dolby Atmos, so my setup is usual for this case: Shield TV -> HW-Q90R -> Philips TV. TrueHD with Dolby Atmos is played always superb (as other formats), but unfortunately I can't get to work Dolby Vision.

I read a lot of posts (on this forum too) and as understood, this is possible for some setups, the most famous post is about how to do this with Panasonic OLED. Among them I saw also some about Philips OLEDs, but for different model and tried with no luck. I use two HDMI 2.1 cabels which can allow enablement of Dolby Vision if Shield connected to TV via them and HDMI mode is Optimal (Standard doesn't work)(HDMI cabel which is packed with soundbar also works). Maybe someone already get this setup to work, in this case what should I change? More expensive HDMI cabels, different TV settings?
Also on Nvidia forum I found this message, so can be this fixed in near future via firmware update (as with eARC support previously)? Or this even not planned?