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HW-K650 Soundbar with wireless centre speaker -UK version.

(Topic created on: 23-06-2017 08:04 PM)
First Poster


I bouth above about 2 week ago and am very pleased with it.


But I have found 2 issues with it;


1 - I get the "WI-FI" tone several times a day, it there a way of stopping this? 


2- I cannot turn ON the HW-K650 with my Samsung smart TV remote, but I can control the volume up & down etc and turn it  OFF (BUT NOT ON!) which is odd!


My HW-K650 did a firmware update automatically last week today is 23rd June 2017.


My Samsung smarttv is : UE40JU6410, software on this tv is current.


Please advise


Many thanks in advance


Hi Jersyman


How the power on/off works will depend on the way you are connected to the soundbar - have a look in the "remote control" section of the soundbar manual - pages 9 and 10 - and also the Bluetooth Power On section on page 21.


I would guess at the moment you have Bluetooth Power set to off from what you describe - the following is from the manual:


The Bluetooth POWER On function is available after you have successfully connected the Soundbar to a Bluetooth compatible TV using TV SoundConnect. When the Bluetooth POWER On function is ON, turning the connected TV on or off will turn the Soundbar's power on and off as well.


1. Connect the TV to your Soundbar using the TV SoundConnect function.

2. Press the Bluetooth POWER button on the Soundbar remote. ON-BLUETOOTH POWER appears on the Soundbar’s display.

    • ON - BLUETOOTH POWER : The Soundbar turns on and off when you turn the TV on or off.

    • OFF - BLUETOOTH POWER : The Soundbar only turns off when you turn the TV off.