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HT-J5500 home cinema, cycling on and off repeatedly.

(Topic created on: 23-07-2020 01:15 PM)
Audio & Video

hope you have better luck than I did, had exactly the same problem in June with my HT- J5500 home cinema unit. Contacted Samsung and sent back my unit to RepairTech on the 29th of June for my 'Free of Charge Repair'.


Last week I received a call from RepairTech to advise me that they had checked the unit and it had passed all their tests and the fault was something else and that I would have to pay to get it repaired. 


So I requested the unit to be sent back unrepaired and have now decided never to buy Samsung again!

Just ordered a new Yamaha surround sound system today! and will replace my other Samsung products over the next few years! (2 phones, 2 TV's and Washing machine). 


A real shame considering that I use to be a real ambassdor for their products.... but it's a lesson learned too much of a coincidence that my unit failed at the same time as everyone elses.... onwards and upwards and goodbye to Samsung.