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Future releases like wireless headphones

(Topic created on: 17-08-2022 07:36 PM)
With the success of the galaxy buds pro they made a galaxy buds2 pro but does anyone know if they will make that their flagship series because we all know that the normal galaxy buds 2 are terrible quality for near premium price so in an anology they are the a series , the pros like the s22/plus and the ultra like the s22 ultra ( an idea) because the 2 pros are very good but lack good active noise cancellation and are too small for me as i have large ears like the s22 is too small for some.

The ultras would be jam packed with everything possible. The smaller and more compact galaxy buds pro for people with smaller ears and just want good earbuds like people who buy s22 plus just want a good phone. The galaxy buds ultra would be similar size of the wf xm4 sony wireless earbuds for the same price, $280 with space to have better audio and active noise cancellation and more. I think that makes more sense following the success of the galaxy buds pro, samsung could dominate the wireless earbud market like the fold market.

Because I'm sure samsung are also planning to release budget flipping phones to widen market so why not cater for people with bigger ears with a galaxy buds ultra. At the end of the day I just want a bigger earbud so they don't fall out when swinging my head. 

Similarly does samsung have any plans to release 
Wireless headphones to rival apples and sonys ( mainstream) as what is the point of not releasing them? Not enough experts in that field could certainly be an option but then where are all the experts, in semiconductors? Then why are they behind tsmc. I'm not understanding why they still haven't released it yet.