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Freestyle 2 audio broken after update

(Topic created on: 14-11-2023 03:22 PM)
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I just got my The Freestyle 2, and out of the box it seemed to be working fine. There was the startup sound, then during setup audio was playing. However, as part of the initial setup it downloaded an update, and after the update the audio shuts off as soon as any change to the volume occurs. I thought that it was because pressing the volume button in instead of up or down functions as the mute button, and it was getting stuck or something, but volume up or down also causes the audio to stop working. The audio does not return until after a power cycle (startup sounds are unaffected), but again, making any adjustment to the volume will cause the audio to stop completely.

I also found that the problem was "corrected" after doing a factory reset in preparation for sending it in to be serviced. Since the reset takes so long, the tv app started playing, and as the reset percentage bar filled, the audio started coming back. I would even mute it, then raise the volume to see if the issue persisted (which it did) but after a few percentage points on the progress meter went up, the audio would come back. Towards the end of the progress bar, the audio was working fine and I could mute and raise the volume right after and the audio would come back properly. So I figured I would try using the projector again, this time without the update. Audio was working just fine, I could mute, turn the volume up, turn it down, turn it all around.

I normally prefer using an updated device to a non-updated device, but I would rather have a device with working audio. 

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I am facing the same issue. Any fixes for that? Is it possible to restore the previous software version?

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Same issue here... someone please post the fix if you figure it out.