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Conecting Sound bar Bose solo 5 + bluetooth headphones. Once at a time

(Topic created on: 29-11-2020 11:23 AM)
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I have my Samsung TV Q60 connected to my soundbar bose Solo 5 and it works fine (optical connection). But sometimes, I like to watch TV with my headphones (only). So I want to disconnect the soundbar but hearing only using my bluetooth headphones. But it does not work. TV sends sound to the bar AND the headphones.

If I switch off the bar with its remote control after 20 seconds detects the sound and it turns on.

The only mechism I have is to unplug the sound bar which is not what I want.


Is it possible to listen to TV only with headphones when the sound bar is connected? It seems to me like a software error.

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I have the same issue, have you had any joy resolving this please? Or does anyone else know a solution without unplugging the sound bar?

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You have to go into your TV's sound settings and change it from optical to bluetooth before you can pair . I just did that with my LG tv. All I had to do is push the bluetooth on the soundbars remote and pair  my aftershokz . 
Boom  done. 
Then reverse that to put the output to optical when you want to hear in the room