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Changing inputs on soundbar without cycling


I have a HW-Q90R, but the problem is the same with all soundbars. I want some way to go directly to HDMI1 without having to cycle through other inputs.


This can be done with the Smartthings app, so I know it is physically possible. But not with the remote. And especially not with any smart assistant or hub that I know of. I have tried Google Assistant, Alexa, Logitech Harmony, but none of them work. 


What I want is to be able to tell Alexa or GAssistant to Turn on X, and it will both turn on TV to correct input, turn on soundbar to right input and then remotely start my PC. Everything other than the soundbar bit I think I can manage, but since turning the TV on sometimes changes the input to TV ARC, but not always, it is unreliable. 


Does anyone have a solution?


Yes, with Harmony, after many tests I found the right configuration, and it's working fine since a couple of days, wife is not complaining, and that's the real test for me. :smiling-face:

It was really tricky, I must admit. Samsung should've put discrete input codes for input selection.

Read here, and let me know if it works:

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