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Best sound settings for Q70r soundbar

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Not an expert with TV's and sound bars so I'll explain this as best as I can....


I have a Samsung Q80 Oled 65" and a Q70r Samsung Hardon kardon Soundbar. My question is what's the best way to wire it all up to get the best sound and picture settings as I feel that somewhere I'm not getting the best out of the system. 

My set up is as follows, I have Sky Q connected directly to the Tv In HDMI one, and an Xbox one X connected directly to the TV into HDMI 2. I then arc the TV to the sound bar. I use the Xbox in the main for gaming, Netflix and Blu-ray. when watching Netflix, the picture stutters from time to time, and is very dark. Gaming seems to be ok but my soundbar is Atmos compatible but I can't get this using my current set up, so do i need to add an optical cable from the Xbox to the soundbar directly? Initially I had my Xbox connected directly to the soundbar but by doing this my Xbox stated that I wasn't getting 4K and HDR. So I moved the hdmi back to the tv and the Xbox said all was ok etc, but I'm not getting Atmos. I did download the Atmos app on the Xbox but the message on Xbox states that my receiver is not compatible, is that a cabling issue? 

any general advice would be appreciated

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