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All4-T002 error on Samsung BD-H6500.

(Topic created on: 28-06-2022 08:41 PM)
Head in the clouds
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For  long time I haven't been able to get All4 on my Samsung dvd player.  I get the error 'All4-T002'.  I have tried resetting the smart hub as well as resetting the dvd player factory settings. I have the latest software update too.  Can anyone suggest a fix?


Many thanks!

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HI @Head in the clouds  The error code T002 seems to relate to a server error or Network issues.  However if constant may well be related to the wifi and idea to reboot the router by disconnecting from the mains. Another idea is to change the DNS settings on TV.  Go to  Network-Network Settings-DNS Settings.   Change from Automatic to   to or some information also in this article 

However some of the older Blu Ray Players no long support iplayer  (this seems to be a 2014 model)and whilst do not see similar information on All4  their site does not mention Blu Rays on their compatibility list. 

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