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Alexa disconnecting Q800t

(Topic created on: 30-06-2022 09:08 PM)
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My Samsung soundbar HW-q800t has been working fine for over a year. 2 months ago Alexa stopped working suddenly. After saying an ‘Alexa’ command, it still does light up the 3 lights and makes the sound, but doesn’t respond to anything. The tv sound goes back on after about 15 seconds (as if I didn’t say any commands) but the 3 lights remain on. 

after a bit of searching on this forum I found that a reset of the soundbar (press the up/down volume buttons simultaneously) resets the soundbar. After doing this (reinstalling both Alexa / SmartThings app as well) Alexa works fine again. At least for a few weeks, then I have to reset the soundbar again. Then it became a week, now I have to do it every day. 

context: I use an iPhone, both apps are updated  as well as the soundbar itself. I didn’t change my router, internet modem, phone or anything else recently.

Does anyone have a permanent solutions? This kind of makes Alexa unusable. 

@samsung I’ve read the 5/6 basic reset steps already, did that, didn’t work. So please let me know if there something else I can do?