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120Hz through a HW-N950?

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So I've got the Samsung NU8000 55" TV which has a panel capable of 120Hz at 2560x1440.  This worked amazingly when I had a direct HDMI lead from my PC to the TV.

Then I got the HW-N950 soundbar and obviously I have to use that as a pass-through.  So I now have HDMI from the PC to the bar, then from the bar to the TV.

Now that I have the PC going into the HW-N950, I can't select 120Hz at 2560x1440 in my resolution settings which is a massive problem as it was the main reason I went with this TV.  I can run 120Hz at 1920x1080 but anything above that is capped at 60Hz.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I've enabled and disabled both HDR and Game Mode on the TV to try and kick it into life but it just won't have it.  Does anyone have any ideas? Much appreciated!


Edit - so after playing with this, it's clear there's a reporting issue with the TV feeding back to the PC through the bar.

If I select 2560x1440 in the Nvidia control panel, the TV reports the resolution as 3840x2160 on screen.  If I select 800x600, the TV reports 1920x1080 @120Hz on screen.  This is most frustrating, it's like the TV isn't able to talk back to the PC through the bar.  Can anyone clarify as this is a total deal breaker for me.

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Im having the same issue with my q60t soundbar! Why are there not more people asking this question!?

I completely threw in the towel with this, I wasted more hours of my life on this than I should have and it was pretty clear that nobody got it... even contacting Samsung direct, they just didn't get it.  In the end I had to disconnect it all and give up on what I'd bought it for in the first place, and learned a pretty shocking lesson from it.  Even when you buy near enough the top end kit from the same brand and join them up, they won't work properly together and something will always prevent you achieving what you want even at this price point.

That TV supports 1440p at 120Hz but if you use the soundbar, you can't have that.  It's inexplicable, the HDMI pass through is more than capable of supporting it, just seems like an over sight which affects such a minority of people that its either not on their radar or not worth their time to address.

So in the end I pulled it all apart and gave up on the reason I bought it all in the first place.

Sounds about right... I am just plugging in the pc hdmi directly to the tv and using the hdmi arc to connect the soundbar... not ideal but works...

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