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samsung promotions... don't bother.

(Topic created on: 02-10-2020 09:15 PM)
Buy a phone, get free earbuds!

But you have to wait 30 days before you can claim.

The claiming process won't be in the location the official literature tells you. It won't even be on the first page of Google.

Your claim will be validated... at some point in time.

Your claim was actually eventually validated? Good job! 

Oh what's that? You expected the product to be dispatched within 30 days of validation? What made you think that? Oh, was it written in the samsung literature that was sent with the phone? Well, dont worry, it'll be dispatched eventually! Better late than never, am I right? Only went 33% over that deadline.

Good news is, you can get in touch with samsung promotions for assistance. If you can figure out how. But you'll be waiting two weeks for a response. Oh and the response will just tell you the current status of the claim, which YOU ALREADY KNOW BECAUSE YOUVE BEEN TRYING TO GET THE FRICKING PRODUCT FOR 3 FRICKING MONTHS.

Oh and when you do get a delivery date. It won't arrive. That delivery date was today. I have been in all day. While writing this post, I received an email "we'll rearrange for tomorrow as we've been unable to deliver. You can speed up the process by calling the courier at <null>". Genuinely told me to call "<null>". I am working from home, been in all day long, haven't left my flat. Its not like I can even be "in the garden" or anywhere that I can't hear the door. So whatever reason it was that it couldn't be delivered, it can't possibly have been a fault from my end.  Checking the courier service, the driver has had my parcel for around 36 hours now... hasn't at any point tried to contact me in those 36 hours

My advice? If you're torn between two phones, and one just takes the biscuit because they're running a promotion. If that phone is a samsung. Don't bother.

The claims process is needlessly long. The information you are given is all incorrect and the customer support available is laughable. Oh and the driver will probably nab the promotion anyway.

We're sad to hear of your experience, @jamestoastday. We'll be sure to feed this back to our Promotions Team.


Thanks for making us aware.

First Poster
At least you got a validation, still waiting on mine