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My Samsung Life's Updates September

(Topic created on: 07-09-2023 04:47 AM)


My Previous Galaxy Watch 3 Which Was 3 Years old had previously had battery issues, dying considerably quicker than average. So we booked a replacement model and got it,

It is now in black which I'm glad about cause it now matches my S23 Ultra and Galaxy Buds Pro. And the watch now lasts 3 days instead of 1, so that's a plus.


I have been even more influenced by the app "Goodlock" and I love the new customization to my phone I like that I found out about Samsung's routines, I have it so app limited and the wallpaper goes dark saying "Sleep Mode" when my sleep alarm triggers.

It is amazing except it takes 5 seconds to transition between routines and a minor lag spike but I'm not worried about it I don't often complain with tech too much considering how good this phone is anyway.

GALAXY BUDS PRO (Original Version)

I'm not too much of a fan of the gloss on the Buds Pro cause it tends to attract dust more than the dust makes my ears itch.

But on a positive note, the Buds Pro are extremely comfortable with the tips and I prefer it way more than when I had the Galaxy Buds Live It felt like they kept slipping out even with the largest ring so I can suit with any day, and the ambience is so helpful when I'm talking with people although I have to put it to 15 seconds in case the other person talks more than I do.

And the Buds Pro sometimes goes to ambience mode if I breathe too heavily so I don't know if like Samsung can adjust the sensitivity there...

But yeah they're good.


I think all these Samsung devices are just a great pair and I'm thinking of getting a Samsung beast, the S9 ultra tablet.

Although it's costly and hearing about the specs I'm sure it will be worth it and I wonder if the pen will have air features like the s23 ultras pen does, anyways That was my update and I hope you enjoyed it, I apologise I haven't done a update in a while I've just not had much to say about these devices I was to busy enjoying them.

I typed this whole thing out using Grammarly as well cause I had recently found out that Samsung added to their keyboard and I just spotted it and found out there's a free version, so I used it to write this, so if you spot any mistakes, let me know, cause I didn't bother to read it I let Grammarly fix anything.

But yeah, goodbye! And enjoy your day.